Frontal Organization




Source of Energy and Enthusiasm

SKM youth wing is dedicated to assisting young people in preparing and directing them in the right direction while also allowing them to attain their full potential. It encourages the growth of social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities. The fundamental purpose of the SKM youth wing is to promote youth leadership, which enables young people to develop the ability to harness their abilities and act on establishing a great society.


Shri Lakpa Moktan


Shri Sanjeet Kharel,
Hon'ble Minister, Transport Department


State Level Youth Executives

Shri Pujan Rai

General Secretary

Shri Gagan Gurung

Organization Seccretary

Naresh Chettri Motivational Speaker

Shri Naresh Chettri

Motivational Speaker

Samir Khanal Media General Secretary

Shri Samir Khanal

General Secretary Media

Minjo Lama Pakhrin Joint Secretary Media

Shri Minjo Lama Pakhrin

Joint Secretary Media

Change Through Unity

We are bonded by the unity among the various groups and organizations that makes us stand tall and strong for a single cause, That is for the development of Sikkim and prosperity for its people.


Our State Our Pride

Youth of the state of Sikkim has supported Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party with its enthusiasm and power with might and will. The Naris of Sikkim has supported SKM with their Skill and sincerity.

The Employees of Sikkim  has supported SKM Party with their innovative ideas and might. The Students of Sikkim Has Supported the SKM Party with their power of Knowledge and education.

The Kisan of Sikkim Has supported SKM Party with their blood and sweat scattered around. The Labour of Sikkim has supported Sikkim by their energy and their work. The IT and Social Media personnel has supported the SKM Party with their technical Skill and geekiness on technological front.

The legal personnel of Sikkim has supported SKM Party with their legal aid and support. Not to mention, many others have also supported the SKM Party with their own skill and expertise.

This has led to the strong foundation of the SKM Party with the base of unity in diversity.

Working Harder for You

With the cadre of excellent ministers and MLAs, We are planning excellent initiatives to fuel up the development process.

How to Connect

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Getting Here.

SKM Party Head Office, Tibet Road, Gangtok

Aikkim Krantikari Morcha Party's Head Office is situated at Tibet Road Gangtok. You can drop in by anytime to visit the office and get connected.