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PIONEERING for shaping future

The youth embodies a newfound powerhouse, women stand as integral contributors, and seniors serve as torchbearers. Together, we possess the collective strength to usher in change and forge a new path of development.

Prem Singh Tamang (Golay)

Visionary Leader

Our visionary leader is the architect of our future, navigating uncharted territories with a clear and inspiring vision. With adept communication, they unite our team around a shared purpose, fostering innovation and adaptability. Fearless in the face of challenges, our leader transforms risks into opportunities, instilling confidence in every endeavor. Grounded in empathy, they create a supportive environment where each team member feels valued and motivated. Embracing collaboration as a catalyst for success, our visionary leader propels us into a future defined by innovation and collective achievement. Join us on this journey beyond boundaries, led by a visionary shaping tomorrow.

Our FRONTAL Organization

Together We can !

[frontal header=”YOUTH WING / YUWA MORCHA” image=”” logo=”” president=”Shri Lakpa Moktan” incharge=”Shri Sanjeet Kharel” button=”” ] SKM youth wing is dedicated to assisting young people in preparing and directing them in right direction while also allowing them to attain their full potential. It encourages the growth of social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities. The fundamental purpose of the SKM youth wing is to promote youth leadership, which enables young people develop the ability to harness their abilities and act on establishing a great society.[/frontal]

[frontal header=”SKM NARI WING” image=”” logo=”” president=”Smt. Kala Rai” incharge=”Smt Sunita Gajmer” button=”” ] Nari Shakti is one of the Strongest frontal organization of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party. Since women are considered to be the main driving power of any organization so they hold a special position and play a vital role as a Krantikari.

We have many women holding very high and esteemed positions in the party as well as in the government. Equal right is being provided to all the Naris of Sikkim. Nari Shakti Plays a vital role in the development and strengthening of women in the state. [/frontal]

[frontal header=”YOUTH WING / YUWA MORCHA” image=”” logo=”” president=”Shri Sonam Chopel” incharge=”Shri Indra Hang Subba” button=”” ] Student being considered as the future of any society and an image of how the society will grow in future is one of the main pillars of SKM Party. Students hold high regard for our political structure. The student wing works on the development and refining of the student who is there to shape our future. Various ideas and strategies that we have culminated from the young minds.[/frontal]

[frontal header=”SPORTS WING” image=”” logo=”” president=” Shri Rinzing W. Chophel” incharge=”Shri Karma Loday Bhutia” button=”” ]Sports is an undisputed part of human day to day activities which not only keeps one healthy physically but also helps maintain mental fitness. The sports wing of SKM Party works on encouraging sports and providing a platform helping all those aspiring people who one day would like to represent the state as well as the country in various sports they prefer. [/frontal]

[frontal header=”TOURISM WING” image=”” logo=”” president=”Shri Lukendra Rasaily” incharge=”N/A” button=”” ]Tourism is an ever-growing sector of business. And in Sikkim, Tourism plays a vital role in people’s lives. A huge section of people here in Sikkim is dependent on tourism.

The tourism Wing of the SKM Party is deeply involved in the development of the tourism sector providing various suggestions and other benefits in coalition with the government. Bridging the gap between various tourism field stakeholders, Tourism Wing works on cumulative development. [/frontal]

[frontal header=”SOCIAL SERVICE WING” image=”” logo=”” president=” ” incharge=”Shri Em Prasad Sharma” button=”” ]Social Service Wing is the special frontal organization of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party. SKM party is the only party in the whole world that has this kind of frontal organization dedicated to social service.

The main work of the social service wing is to coordinate and provide help to the most needed people where the benefits and schemes of the government are not reachable. This frontal organization tries to cover up all the left out people who are unable to take benefit of the government blanketing all under it. [/frontal]

[frontal header=” CHALAK MORCHA” image=”” logo=”” president=” Smt Rajani Gurung” incharge=”Shri Sanjeet Kharel” button=”” ]Chalak Morcha is one of the prominent frontal organization of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party which has led the party move ahead in various verticals. It has contributed to its party in the most crucial phase of the party.

The main aim and agenda of the Chalak morcha is the upliftment of the Gurujis of the state. Providing dignity and respect to the service they provide which is thankless is one such aim. Chalak morcha also provides help and assistance to all the people of Sikkim who want to indulge themself in this profession. [/frontal]

United we stand, Divide we Fall !

Our Party is Open for All

Be a part of a change. Sikkim Krantikari Morcha is not just a party. It is a promise made to the people of Sikkim. It is a ray of hope for the common people. Our only mission is the mission for change in system. A system free from corruption, nepotism and favoritism. We walk proud because we walk with a vision to change Sikkim. A vision to make Sikkim the most developed state of the country.
  Its time to set an example to the world

Delivering the CHANGE

We are here because we are concerned for the state of Sikkim and its people, for its development and prosperity


Check Our Leaders

Our State should be for the people not just for the powerfuls.

With the dethroning of 25 years of misrule by the monarchial party, it’s the time for Change. It is the time of people. Justice is to be served to the poor and the deprived people of Sikkim.


This is the beginning of a new era for Sikkim. With the motto to change the system and its corrupt practices, we will bring light to every corner of Sikkim. Our vision of developed state, with and state of the art facilities all around the sector will soon be a realization from dream.

Working HARDER for You

With the cadre of excellent ministers and MLAs, We are planning excellent initiatives to fuel up the development process.

How to Connect

Many channels are initiated for the ease of communication.

Reaching out to us

SKM Party Head Office, Tibet Road, Gangtok

We are all ears. We would love to hear your feedbacks or suggestions. If you have any complaints or any message delivered to us, this is the right place.

Hit the button below to open the contact page which contains the form from where you can directly send us a message.