Dozen Doctrine

Aims and Objectives

The following shall be the Aims and Objectives, or the “Dozen Doctrine”, of the Party:

Transparent in the Dealings

While seeking to manage the affairs of the Sikkimeese people, The Party shall be wholly transparent in the dealings of the Party, as well as in the functioning of the Government whenever the Party is at the helm of the Government, with proper and effectual legal, financial and administrative accountability mechanism firmly in place;

Office only for two terms

Whenever the Party is in the seat of governance it’s Members of Parliament and the Members of Legislative Assembly shall enjoy tenure in office only for a period of two terms, be it consecutively or with a break of one or more terms. However, after a hiatus of five years, they shall again be eligible provided there is a comprehensive public opinion in their favour.

Enriching the Life

The Party shall seek to achieve “equitable wealth creation” or “equitable prosperity” for the people and the State of Sikkim with the motto “Enriching the Life” as the Party’s motivating socio-economic slogan. The Party shall do whatever is required to alleviate poverty in the State, and seek to effectively check, control and eradicate corruption.

Secular, Cadre-based Democratic Socialist

The Party shall be a secular, cadre-based democratic socialist political party founded upon the time-tested democratic principles, and  shall strictly adhere to and enforce the nomenclature of “One Man, One Post” in the Party;

Protection and Preservation of 371f

The Party shall do whatever is required and obligatory, which are within the legal and Constitutional framework of the Indian Union, for the protection, preservation and promotion of Sikkim’s self respect, distinct identity, old laws of Sikkim as protected under the Article 371 (F) of the Constitution of India, as well as legitimate interests of the Sikkimeese people in regards to spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, judicial, academic, economic and such other higher value-based heritages of Sikkimeese life and living;

Protect, Preserve and Promote

The Party shall seek to protect, preserve and promote local Tribal and Ethnic Customary Laws as well as traditional knowledge and lifestyles of the people of Sikkim and, at the same time, shall take all necessary steps for the empowerment of women in the State;

Creative and vibrant Intellectual Hub,

The Party shall seek to nurture and develop Sikkim as a creative and vibrant Intellectual Hub, as well as a redoubtable Centre of Learning by way of creating a sensible, supportive, and tolerant administrative, political, fiscal, and societal environment in the State for free-thinking intellectualism, a robust civil society, and the seeds of higher learning to take root, grow, and flourish;

Honing their Talents and Skills

The Party shall examine, do research and develop exclusive plans and projects for the youths of Sikkim, and also create facilities for honing their sporting and entrepreneurial talents and skills so that the Sikkimese youths are able to confidently rise to any occasion and challenges not only within the boundaries of Sikkim but, that, their knowledge and proficiency is able to find meaningful fruition outside the State for the benefit of the State as well as the Nation