Victory of the underdogs

Armed with sheer self confidence and a clear vision

No one could stop PS Golay from spear heading the struggle for liberation of Sikkimese people

In the year 2009, when PS Golay revolted within his party, none of his political colleagues or activist had expected that he would emerge the most popular and widely accepted leader. Many had not believed that PS Golay, whose political competence and leadership quality had always been suspected, would reach the treasury bench of Sikkim Legislative Assembly. But, armed with sheer self confidence and a clear vision, no one could stop PS Golay from spear heading the struggle for liberation of Sikkimese people.

After starting to speak against the deep rooted anarchy, disorder and contradictions within SDF party, PS Golay got entrapped in the coup. To nip his revolting stance at the bud, the ruling SDF government tried all the conspiracies that it could. But no one had ever thought that his ideological flint would start a wild fire against the tyrannical 25 year rule of SDF party. By the year 2013, as he vociferously put forth his revolting voice, he felt that this is not really enough. To bring a monumental change, revolution is a must. And for a revolution, an organization was needed. After discussion and deliberations with friends and well-wishers, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha was formed on 4th February, 2013. Within no time of its formation, SKM had to face the general election in 2014. With coming to existence as a new political outfit, SKM unexpectedly won 10 out of 32 assembly seats thereby giving birth to a new political equation in Sikkim.  

Strong opposition in the State Assembly became an eyesore for the ruling SDF party, and soon seven SKM legislators fell for SDF’s lure of post, money and luxury. Post 2014 election, SKM had a challenging and depressing time.

The activists and the supporters of SKM who were left maimed after seven of their legislators deceived them, once again faced a brutal blow when their top leader PS Golay was sentenced to one year prison in 2017. After completing one year in prison, he came out on 10th August 2018 with a clarion call for change. The people who were desperate to root out the 25 years of hegemony believed in the sincerity of PS Golay, and belying hope on his political principle, they imbibed his slogan for a change.

The determination of PS Golay and the hope that people rested on him was seen in the election result of 2019. SKM party secured majority to successfully form the government. On 27th May, 2019, SKM officially took charge of the state government.

27th May, 2019 is not only the day on which it over threw SDF from the government, but also a historic day in political history of Sikkim when it successfully uprooted the autocratic, tyrannical regime and established a milestone of change. 27th May, 2019 is also the day to be recorded in golden letters in the political history of Sikkim.

It is also a day of realization of dream of entering the Assembly hall after enduring numerous hardship and pain.


We, all citizens of Sikkim, had a great hope in 1994 : but we has a lot of anxiety and disappointment today ! The future that was once so bright is now full of uncertainty and dark .the very idea of making Sikkim was betrayed by Maoist PK Chamling .We want to see different Sikkim –Sikkim of hopes, aspirants , full of scopes and opportunities ,and a place of to live worthy life. We want to see sikkimese of all walks of life to work for better governance .Our revolution is shaped by the radical ideas of enlightenment. We consider that will of indigenous citizen including Sikkimese Bapaari shall be supreme .Sikkimese including sikkimese bepaari shall be treated equal : they shall govern and serve their mother Sikkim .our all policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .The SKM party , have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.