Struggle, Success and Responsibility

Traversing Obstacles of Conspiracies

The clandestine moment of struggle during the journey.

Traversing numerous obstacles of conspiracies, Sikkim Krantikari Morcha successfully formed the government. The party withstood against the exploit of so called mature but illiterate and lopsided politicians. It was not an easy task to lock horns with a 25 year old government. The psychologically terrorized people were seeking liberation. But they were unable to escape the wrath of brutal marauders and filibusters. The people had to make a long-haul wait to establish a binary with those insane quixotic thinking of having conquered the world. They were forced to sing the carol of those halfwits instead of devotional hymns for mental peace. It was not an easy task to fight against those tendencies of snatching and grabbing of rights, if flags were not hoisted on the rooftops or courtyards. The people desperately wanted to loosen their grip from holding the handle of the umbrella and its ribs. Many alternatives were born but died even before its umbilical cords were clamped. Some became invalid before it learned to crawl. Resting its hands on chin, alternatives too were waiting for alternatives. Some of them came putting bounty on their head and were swallowed by SDF just like python swallowing a cat.

Our journey was not so easy. The people were bearing only an artificial smile on the face. It was hard for the village folks to escape the hawkish gaze of new aristocrats of post monarchy, established by the SDF party. Amidst the fantasies of crowning dreams, the multitude who dared to speak the truth had to bear the brunt of those neo aristocrats. In such terrifying circumstances, SKM had to take a forward step carefully, and  it did not falter!  SKM had to safely retrieve and restore the heart from the grab of rabid pack. Where ever it stepped, it felt like the land was quivering. The bloody tears shed by Mother  Sikkim  needed to be wiped once and for all. Since the so called educated intellects from the SDF,  being engrossed in self aggrandizement were on the  wrong footing. Critics went on to become their victims. While their fields were sprinkled with water, the very water pot remained empty in the villages. SKM had to ensure “free for all” environment for the people forced to cover their rugged life with artificial silky cover, to bravely walk with their head high.

SKM had to cross many such obstacles in its journey. It was not an easy task for a calf to lock horns with a 25 year old bull. They needed to be  free from the shackles of being not being able to enjoy a  picnic, or walk freely in the streets ; the risk of having names deleted if one could not sing their praises louder than singing of hymns in praise of god; or the compulsion of standing  the whole day waiting with scarves in hands instead of their routine job. The community which was broken into tiny shards of glass needed to be fixed. Long forgotten tradition of friendship and  bonding needed to be reinstated. Sikkim needed to be prosperous again. Encompassing all these aspects, SKM Party came into politics.

The picnic on 21 December 2009 at Rolu was the first clarion call for change. To untie the knot of woes, the people had gathered and heaving a sigh of relief they returned. After that the chorus for change   became louder and louder. Everyone spoke of change. While on the other side, the ruling government was ready with carrot and stick. But the slogan of change spread like wild fire. People stormed the streets without fear. They had lost the fear and the tone of change pitched higher and higher. Eventually, on 4th February, 2013, at the Soreng playground, it formally entered the political arena with the name of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM). Those who had the official flag of the party, devoutly hoisted it in their courtyard, while those who did not paid to have it sewn. While the people were ready to bear any kind of torment from the ruling SDF government, PS Golay was put in a situation where he had to tender his resignation as a Legislator. The issue was resolved and the general election 2014 came. While the people were giving their heart to SKM, on the other hand, SDF was distributing cash.  Finally, SKM won ten seats and cracked SDF who thought of themselves as an indestructible mountain. From that very crack, gaping holes began to grow and the atrocities of the arrogant and immutable thinking SDF, gradually began to dissipate. And the people too began to realize it.

In a democracy, people are supreme. People make the government. To select a leader of their choice is the core aspect of democracy. But the people were forced. They were compelled to vote for only one party. As such, people accepted SKM Party as their alternative. After 2014, the next election was in 2019. As the election neared, SDF began spreading its net of conspiracy. The party President Mr. PS Golay was sent to jail for one year (10 August 2017 to 10 August 2018) on frivolous charges. But the plan to scare away the people by sending its leader to jail failed. The people made more vociferous effort and as a result the leader also completed the torturous sentence. The Elections came, the people voted and the government was formed.

The party had endured criminal attacks and brutal lathi charge on innocent party workers during the inauguration of its party office. The villagers contributed in their own ways. The youth embarked with a hope of a bright future. More than the 25 year old regime, to free themselves from the clutches of few neo aristocrats fattened by the ruling government, the elders were joining SKM. While on the other hand, the Party President started meeting and interacting with the people right in their homes. Public meetings started being organized everywhere. SDF party tried its best to intimidate and stop the people, but with the slogan of change in mind, SDF could not stop them. The people did not care anymore. Those persecuted employees came out in support of SKM openly. Everyone came forward and helped with their heart and soul. The then government put an immediate halt to increment of the employees, but they did not care a bit. The flag of SKM fluttered high in the villages. An atmosphere to walk without fear was established and the cane collected by SDF to whip the people festered and thawed.

The seven out of ten SKM legislators, who had won against the SDF in 2014 election, deflected and sided with them. But their dream of forming the government and gobbling the cream was shattered by the people who shooed them away like a fly hovering on milk. With just three legislators remaining, the conspiracy of sending the Party President to jail to weaken and dismantle the party fell flat. The legislator duo of Kunga Nima Lepcha and Sonam Lama did not let the people feel the void left by PS Golay. Gradually the party became stronger day by day and it has now completed nearly fourteen months in office. But for those ears tickling opposition need to seriously ponder as to what has happened and what has been done in these fourteen months? Those who try to compare with the 25 years need to think and for them, this book will give them the answer, we hope.


We, all citizens of Sikkim, had a great hope in 1994 : but we has a lot of anxiety and disappointment today ! The future that was once so bright is now full of uncertainty and dark .the very idea of making Sikkim was betrayed by Maoist PK Chamling .We want to see different Sikkim –Sikkim of hopes, aspirants , full of scopes and opportunities ,and a place of to live worthy life. We want to see sikkimese of all walks of life to work for better governance .Our revolution is shaped by the radical ideas of enlightenment. We consider that will of indigenous citizen including Sikkimese Bapaari shall be supreme .Sikkimese including sikkimese bepaari shall be treated equal : they shall govern and serve their mother Sikkim .our all policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .The SKM party , have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.