Sports Vision

Promoting Sports, Wearing Laurels

  1. Sports and games develop physical ability and also provide entertainment, job opportunity, bonding among different communities, and state, national and international bonding, enjoyment, can become a source of revenue generation and publicity. Sikkim has tremendous potential in producing a substantial population mass in sports and games. Policy on Sikkim Sports and Games shall be framed to make Sikkim a hub of sports and games in the country.
  2. Sikkim Sports and Games Advisory Council shall be established to produce stars in sports and games and make them as a productive sector in the state.
  3. Each constituency shall have stadium with all modern facilities and services.
  4. Each GPU shall have Community Hall with all modern facilities and services.
  5. Each District shall have Sports and Games Academy with all modern facilities and services.
  6. Sports and Games College and University shall be established.
  7. Sports and Games manufacturing units shall be established.
  8. All the sports and games person shall be registered to avail all benefits and schemes of the government.
  9. Health Insurance Facility shall be provided to all registered sports and games person.
  10. Subsidized loan shall be provided to sports and games persons to procure the necessary sport items.
  11. Sports and Games shall be popularized to all generations by celebrating the State Sports Day on 29th May each year in the name of Shri. Tenzing Sherpa (on his birthday), who first conquered the highest mountain peak of the world, the MT.Everest.
  12. Annual survey shall be conducted at each GPU to generate database and to identify the talented children or young pupil. Government shall bear all the expenses of the extremely talented sports and games children or young pupil belonging to the BPL families.
  13. World –class out-door and in-door stadiums with all modern facilities and services shall be constructed as many as possible in all four districts.
  14. World-class coaching facilities shall be provided to the State Level Sports person and games players.
  15. Formation of Sports and Games clubs shall be encouraged and promoted.
  16. Financial supports shall be provided to the registered and active clubs in sports and games.
  17. All the States, National and International sports persons and games players shall be provided State Awards with cash.
  18. A good pension shall be provided to all the registered sports and game persons.
  19. Fund for sports and games events shall be earmarked.
  20. High altitude base camps for mountaineers, trackers and hikers shall be established.
  21. Sports and Games shall be established to honor the sport stars and games persons and to encourage the younger generation.
  22. Sports and Games library shall be established at each-division.
  23. Sport and Games events shall be organized at each Gram Panchayat Level to State level and Primary School level to the University Level.
  24. Guidelines and regulations on diet chart and code of conduct for sports persons and games players shall be framed to streamline the sector.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.