One year of blooming of self respect

One year of blooming of self respect

by C P Sharma

In the political arena of Sikkim, SKM has brought about a new paradigm. After LD Kazi, NB Bhandari, BB Gurung, Sanchaman Subba and Pawan Chamling, PS Golay was sworn in as the 6th Chief Minister of Sikkim and completed one year in office on 27th May, 2019. An informal function was organized to celebrate it. After the counting of votes on 23rd May, 2019, on 27th May 2019, the seat of chief minister for 25 years accepted a new person. The government of the people was formed. The clarion call made on 21st December, 2009 was put to rest. The cane of struggle won the confidence. The belief of the poor and downtrodden got ground to step.

The democracy post monarchy was wrested by the movement. The royal administration ended and it heaved a sigh of relief in the hands of people. Though the people got democracy, but under the drastic rule of SDF among the others, the people suffered a lot. Communities were divided and fragmented like glass to the last pieces. Women associations were formed and made rags of.

 By imposing the personal dream of the then Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, people were made cripple. His dream covered the lid on the hard working people and made them dependant and reliant. Flatulence and exploitation tore away the roof of poor people. He was flattered about nature but did not study it. Had he studied, he should have understood that leaves that had grown 25 years ago in a tree had already fallen and new ones were growing. He could not garner knowledge that it is the rule of nature that change is inevitable. The head that could gather such knowledge had been covered with cancerous hubris.

To fight the long tenure of NB Bhandari, who had come after Kazi Saheb, Pawan Chamling made division of communities his main weapon. After defeating the Bhandari government, as soon as SDF came to power, innocent cows became its victim and got their udders knifed. People were targeted according to their caste and TV sets were destroyed. People were pointed on allegation of voting to the oppositions and thrashed. Those supporting the opposition were forced to spend their nights in jungles. The houses of poor were rampaged; vehicles were put on fire on broad daylight. Indirectly, throughout the 25 years people were forced to pay taxes and tributes to the neo aristocrats, as if Kuruwa, Jharlangi and Bethi were in still in practice. Every Dussera, the poor were compelled to gift their precious goats to them. Due to their atrocities, the people began to revolt from the year 2009 onwards. They came forward. Even though the hyenas of SDF had choked their windpipe, they resuscitated and saw a wide horizon of hope. They woke up, gathered their strength for a change. The hope of the poor won. The face of neo aristocrats crumpled like a squeezed lemon.

The Government changed. It had to happen. The policy of hook and crook adopted by SDF got dismantled. The crouch of arrogance of few got shattered. The innocent minds got a whole new world to rejoice. Unassumingly a year has passed. But even after passing of three hundred and sixty five odd days, unlike the arrogant SDF peeing in the people’s courtyard in celebration of their victory, SKM has not done any shameful act. Did TV sets needed to be smashed! Cows could ruminate leisurely. No one had to spend their nights in jungle. And neither did anyone’s house got scraped of even a speck of sand or their windows pane shattered! Yes, no one had to make a request that “Sorry Sir, I was wrong, I made a mistake, I may be forgiven.” Yes, without distinguishing between the caste and class, one year has passed embracing everyone. Yes, distinction was not made while distributing rice! Yes, the poor are not forced to drag their goats to the courtyard of neo aristocrats but are secure in their own sheds. Today peace prevails. There is no fear of party-politics. There is no fracas or a flare-up, and a mental terror. The issues raised in the manifesto shall be delivered gradually. Needs shall be fulfilled. Peace, tranquility and cordiality are the main achievements of this government that came as alternative to SDF. The achievement of one year cannot be compared with those accumulated over a period of 25 years. Unlike during the SDF or other party in power (more so fearful in SDF regime), to be able to walk fearfully with their head held high is  the one year of achievement of SKM  which is the answer to those who question as to what have you got?