Press Release

Press Release on self created Q&A session by former CM

Press Release by Bikash Basnett, Confidential Secretary to Chief Minister of Sikkim

On 17th January 2022

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party strongly objects the self created Q&A session of former CM Pawan Kumar Chamling which swings the door wide open for pointed questions about his political rule and that is poisoning of human relations in our region. He has again cited SKM workers as “Goons”.Sikkim hasn’t forgot oppressive regime of SDF party where uncountable political murders , attack on oppositions , burning of vehicles and many such violent activities took place in which justice was never delivered. It is unfortunate of Chamling to cite that Sikkim is becoming unsafe,which in contrary Sikkim has got real freedom in the SKM era unlike SDF regime where students were beaten up cruelly in a board-light , employees were lathicharged in streets, uncountable houses were burned, vehicles belonging to then oppositions were burned and stone pelting to opposition convey was a routine job of SDF.

In yesterday’s Q&A session Chamling has briefly highlighted what his tenure looked like. He seems to be totally disturbed by seeing peace , real democracy and freedom of Sikkim. Chamling has been chanting words like goons, rowdies, thieves, murderers, criminals throughout his career and in fact these words are rooted inside his subconscious mind, he is habituated to use such words. As greatest psychologist Sigmund Freud in his theory states that “Words and thoughts that are repeated often get stronger by the repetitions, sink into the subconscious mind and affect the behavior, actions and reactions of the person involved”. To state the fact he has been overruled by psychological issues which never been healed over the years. We have been called as Goons, Crimanals , Druggist but over the past years which were never proven right and even Chamling cannot prove in future as well. It is Pawan Chamling who made Sikkim a place of drug paddlers and many criminals were given safe place during his tenure.

We SKM Government is firmly fighting to make Sikkim free of druggist which was created by PKC over the 25 years and may be Chamling wants to make Sikkim a same place what he has left behind. Before citing us being lawless , Chamling shouldn’t forget his regime how police were used as a medium of Political Vendetta with unethical use of Vigelance Police or putting opposition workers behind the bars with false allegations. Truth is that many political murders occurred in his tenure who have never been investigated also the uncountable cross border illegal activities which has never been investigated. It is evident that Sikkim Police in SKM era has been ranked topped in the country which may be deeply affected Chamling’s mentality where he started giving baseless statements throughout his daily lives.

Sikkim in SKM tenure has maintain real democracy, peace and tranquility but it was 25 years where people saw an exact rule like Idi Amin and Kim Jong where one can figure out how Chamling used to roam around as well as how his Jholay-Chamchay used to oppress Sikkimese people , where press freedom was zero , where people who supported opposition were tortured. Former Chief Minister Chamling used to act like a real monarchist. Also in his PR Chamling is also seeking sympathetic attention from the general people but people have already rejected him by both ballots and hearts, it is time for him to take a peaceful retirement life as he has lost all your potential in the political scenario of Sikkim. His party started the movement with violence from Allay Ground and continued for the 25 years and now people never wants such oppressive rule again.

Lastly, SKM party call upon all who cherish and respect our principles and values and to not participate in the effects of misinformation and false allegations which will only create societal divisions among the people of state. Sikkim has suffered a lot in tyrannical era of SDF, now SKM under the pragmatic leadership of HCM Shri P.S. Golay is having its all round developments and moving forward to a right path. Our fellow citizens should stay away from divisive politics of Pawan Kumar Chamling and support inclusive governance of SKM party.

Bikash Basnet
Chief Coordinator (Press&Publicity/Social Media),
Sikkim Krantikari Morcha.