Saga Dawa Celebrations

I extend my heartiest greetings to the people of Sikkim, especially the Buddhist community on the auspicious occasion of “Saga Dawa”. Saga Dawa is a holy occasion commemorating the attainment of enlightenment and Nirvana by Lord Buddha and is one of the sacred Buddhist festivals. The teachings of Lord Buddha have delivered the ideals of non-violence, brotherhood, and harmony amongst all, and the festival reinforces the message of Lord Buddha on righteousness and Dharma.

May the light of his teachings take over the darkness of intolerance and hatred and herald an era of contentment, peace, and enlightenment for all. On this day, I urge our people to remain committed to striving on the path of truth and righteousness, rising above caste, creed, gender, and religion, and following the path shown by the Shakyamuni.

Attended the Saga Dawa celebrations at Karma Thuji Choeling Gumpa, Singtam and offered prayers for everlasting peace and prosperity in Sikkim

Attended the Saga Dawa puja at Namdrolling Monastery in Namchi and sought blessings on behalf of the Sikkimese people.