Albert Einstein Said

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”

Citizens of Sikkim have many aspirations for their state. For the last 25 years, Pawan Kumar Chamling has taken the absolute control of power undermining the core values of democracy. Threats against democratic Sikkim have increased many folds under the present dictatorial regime. Unification of divided Sikkimese society on communal land religious lines is the need of the hour to secure and protect Sikkim. The security armor of Sikkim-Article 371F of the Constitution of India, which has persistently been diluted and weekend by Chamling, is needed to be protected from future dilution. Issues like restoration of the lost reserved seats of Sikkimes of Nepali and Tshong orgins, reservation of the sechduled tribe’s seats to limboo and Tamang in the Sikkim legislative assembly and bringing 17th Karmapa to Sikkim have failed to resolve by the present regime. Land rights of the indigenous tribes are needed to be resolved from future destruction. The down-turned economy of Sikkim is needed to revitalize for creating avenues and opportunities to increasing population. Sikkim is needed to make productive state out of the historically most unproductive state under Chamling regime.

Sikkim has witnessed many political murders; beat down over 100 persons for their opposition to SDF party, vandalization of more than 2000 vehicles belonging to opposition political parties, lethal attacks on media persons, caste-based politics, communal disharmony, mental terrorism, power centralization, social disparity, etc. Many indigenous varieties of cereals, pulses, cash crops, vegetables and fruits have disappeared from Sikkim. Population of indigenous cattle breeds (siri), goats, local chickens, pigs, sheep and buffaloes have nearly gone vanished from rural farmers. Highly fertile paddy and dry land have been sold to non- Sikkimese to establish their concrete RCC structure. Nearly, 20% population have captured 80% state capital and the remaining 80% population have to depend on         MGNREGA and BPL rice of the Central Government schemes to sustain their life without becoming productive and informed citizens. The gap between the haves and the have-nots has got wider and wider today. A sharp increase in the unemployment rate, and with no works as such at hand, has led to change in overall demographic structure of the ethnic communities. In the one hand, the fertility rate is amazingly low at 1.0 per family [the lowest in India] and, on the other hand, the influx rate stands over 20%. The changing demographic scenario has provided insecurity to all the ethnic communities of a land-locked small state of Sikkim. If the present rate of influx goes on unchecked then the non-Sikkimese will outnumber the population of indigenous ethnic Sikkimese including Sikkimese of Beepari origin by the end of 21st century.

It is a fact that the majority Sikkimese is still unaware of the very concept of democracy state for more than four decades. We have observed that a significant portion of our educated features of democracy even though they care higher education certificates and degrees.  It indicates that the present education system appears to have in nurturing the brains of our generations. The future of Sikkim is looming large in having such assortments of ignorant, unproductive and uninformed citizens or mass of body flesh without having sensing capacity. An atmosphere full of menace to democracy has already undermined the core foundations of democracy in the state.

Once the majority of the elected representatives from the government, it is supposed to act per the fundamental duties as enshrined in the constitution of India and work for all sections of the society. However, it is unfortunate to say that the present government works for all sections of the society however, it is unfortunate to say that the present government works for the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front party and its cadres and goons and assaults the voice of other political parties and civil society. Pawan kumar Chamling has assumed the stature of an incarnated being, as if he is above the law of this country. In a democratic institutions are supposed to be of the public- Centric, but these are just opposite in Sikkim. The prime duty of the bureaucrats and officials are to please one- man sitting in the chair of the chief Minister. It is truly said that the longer the ruler remains in power, the more corrupt the regime becomes. In the long one- Man rule by chamling, his family members and cronies have taken greater advantage of their positions. All they were once bare- footers plundered Sikkim in connivance with non Sikkimese. The bare- footers have amassed massive wealth, which is meant for welfare and development of the people’s needs. Never such plunder Sikkim has witnessed after it merged in 1975 with India. Chamling took over all rights of the common to institute a neo- feudal state in India. Today, the popular groups and elites of original Sikkimese feel excluded and estranged and they have been isolated and deserted by the power of non- Sikkimese( birth) and outsiders. Sikkim has been suffered from serious structural problems of democracy, majority poor Sikkimese are restricted and limited to live on daily bread and butter and simply indulging in pleasure of the moment. The idea of Sikkim has failed to exist under the present regime.

Efforts to bring out the best democracy

We believe in creating opportunities for everyone

The people of Sikkim do not know much about democracy and its principles; they are still unaware of what are their fundamental rights and duties as embodied in the Constitution of India. In the era of information technology, for the grassroots populace, democracy means there is CM saab, Pawan Kumar Chamling, who offers everything [money, food, house, facilities, and employment] to them. Those who were born in 1994, they have seen only one-man rule and the preferred ideology of Chamling. All the new generations have grown up seeing one man despotic rule without knowing much about the true essence of democracy. They know nothing more than the Machiavellian Pawan Kumar Chamling. The older and adult populace had to endure the pain and suffering from the despotic rule of Chamling for a long period without knowing much about democracy and doing any sin in life. With the populace of ignorant mind, how can Sikkimese enjoy the true dividends of cherished democracy in future? It is a big question as well as challenge before us to address and to resolve. Therefore, we, the group of well-informed and courageous citizens, felt that it is our fundamental duty to protect the sovereign rights of Sikkim, Sikkimese and Democratic Institutions of the public authority who have taken a wrong path in life and to liberate them all from such enslavement and perils from the state of Sikkim. We started revolting against the present despotic rule from 2009 under the leadership of well-educated, farsighted social thinker, reformer, visionary, charismatic and brave son of Sikkim, Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay). We carried out several movements making aware of the people of Sikkim about their Fundamental rights and duties. After struggling for more than four years, finally we took a decision for revolution to bring ‘system change’ in Sikkim, and thus formed Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party under the leadership of Shri Prem Singh Tamang Golay as the founding President on February 4 2013 at Soreng in West Sikkim. Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party has envisioned overthrowing the present despotic rule and replacing it with SKM- led government based on crore values of democracy as enshrined in the Constitution of India while maintaining the existing properties and relations. SKM party vows to establish the idea of Sikkim with the support from the citizens belonging to different sections of Sikkimese society.

It is said and ought to know by all citizens that “in the absence of strong democratic institutions and inability of elites to bring necessary reforms, the revolution moves beyond being necessary to becoming inevitable”. As the government has become destructive (destroyed everything of making Sikkim), it is the right of every citizens of Sikkim to change it, and to institute new true democratic government by the true son of soil, laying its foundation on the principle and ides of democratic republic and organizing its power in such manner that equality, equity, transparency and justice shall prevail so that the dividends of democracy reach at all sections of the society. Wisdom tells that government long established should not be changed just for a simple reason of transient cause because the citizens become more prone to suffer in the hands of new ruler. However, a long trend of abuses and usurpation by Pawan Kumar Chamling, following the same old school of thoughts and objects, reveal the hidden agenda and propaganda of nullifying all under the absolute despotism. Therefore, it is the right of citizens of Sikkim, it is the duty of citizens of Sikkim, to throw away the present despotic government and install a new patriotic and democratic government for the future security of our Sikkimese children.

We, in the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) party, consider that Sikkim Democratic Front party is now a fiction and SKM is a reason and we know that ‘fiction will disappear before truth and all follies fall before reason’. Revolution for change in system is not just to overthrow the government, but to create an everlasting new stable civil society in Sikkim that believes more in principle of logic, rational and reason than in deification and extolling of a person. We consider that democracy is more of governance than a system of government. Democracy is an idea about how human beings should treat each other, should have equal voice in governance based on humanity, irrespective of power and privilege, status and education, gender, caste or religion, language or culture. We understand that life of democracy relies on the three values, i.e. equality, freedom and fraternity and the vital pillars of democracy should be constantly secured and strengthened as much as we can. We ensure the citizens of Sikkim for establishment of equal civil rights and democratic institutions with more and more power to the people. We shift from promoting political party and preferred ideology of a person to more public centric governance. We ensure that government servant won’t need to please the Chief Minister; rather, they will be committed to please the public. We promise to provide a corruption free, transparent, accountable and committed government to secure and safeguard the interest of Sikkimese people. We aspire to chief from one-man leadership to a collective leadership; from a political party to a more governance oriented organization. We ensure to empower the grassroots for a great participation in decision- making processes and work for achieving the self –reliant statehood and productive development. We also ensure to bring reforms in all sectors for vibrant economy, growth and prosperity.

Sikkim will be transformed into states of hopes, opportunities, and new possibilities for all section of the society. We believe that “the power of reason, and not the force of weapons, will propagate the principles of our glorious revolutions “

History of Revolution

Democracy is really vibrant if everyone is engaged invested and bring attention. We are confident that “we, the people of Sikkim”, can revitalize democracy for future securities of our generations.

The history of revolution showed that each revolution differs in ideologist, convictions, methods, duration and motivations. No matter what way it occurred, the end result of a revolution is a major change in culture, social order economic institution. Therefore, a political revolution is required not only to established new government but also to transform the entire society and community; its actions should be able to bring major progressive change in culture, economy society in democratic institutions. For Sikkim Krantikari Morcha Party, revolution for change is the idea of reforms, transforms hopes opportunities, new possibilities and vision for protecting and securing future of Sikkim and citizens of Sikkim.


As per the Collins Dictionary, an ideology is a set of belief, especially the political beliefs on which people, parties, or countries base their actions. The Cambridge Dictionary says an ideology is a set of beliefs or principles, especially one on which a political system, party or organization is based.

Ideology changes the view of human life. The goal of a leader based on logical rational (ideology) determines the relationship in a society. As the folk by nature are a conceptual being, so they need philosophy- an integrated, systematic view of existence- in some way to serve as the conceptual guide to live in a society. Many philosophers have said that “politics applies ethics to social issues, and thereby the ethics-science of code of values-forms the basis for human beings to live by. The ethics depends on epistemology-nature and of means of human knowledge, of grasping reality and the epistemology again depends on metaphysic-nature of reality”.