Welfare Vision

Providing Welfare, Ensuring Security

  1. Definition of Below Poverty Line (BPL) is not conceptualized in a proper manner in the state. Census shall be done to determine the BPL% so that none of the BPL families shall be left out from availing the facilities whether is food , health , or any other facilities.
  2. There shall have Sikkim Social Welfare Council to formulate policies , facilitate research issues and problems and recommend grants for research , etc.
  3. There shall have Limboo Primitive Welfare Board.
  4. There shall b have legal Welfare Board.
  5. Maintenance and welfare of Parents, senior citizens, differently-able and vulnerable persons shall be strictly implemented.
  6. There shall have a new Social Welfare Policy.
  7. There shall have Policy for Unorganized Sector.
  8. There shall have Mission Rural Poverty Alleviation.
  9. There shall have Mission Urban Poverty Alleviation.
  10. There shall have welfare assistance to individuals and families through programs such a s health care, food stamps , housing assistance , child care assistance , disaster relief assistance , educational assistance , agricultural assistance and other services.
  11. There shall have various welfare schemes for socio-economic upliftment of the scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Caste, Other Backward Classes and Minority Communities.
  12. All the infrastructures required to ensure securities and socio-economic upliftment of different communities shall be developed.
  13. There shall have Mission One Family Two Children to increase the existing fertility rate of 1.0.
  14. Financial assistance shall be given to the autistic children.
  15. Special scholarships shall be given to the girl child.
  16. There shall have Direct Benefit Transfer programs.
  17. There h shall have MLA Schemes for local area development.
  18. BPL Family membership shall be given to the outmost priority and benefits in the fields of health, education, employment, finance and any other schemes.
  19. Irrespective of the political party affiliation, BPL Category people shall get basic and important facilities like subsidized food items and other benefit and their name from the list shall not be deleted.
  20. Free rice shall be given to BPL Families.
  21. No recommendation of the Panchayat or MLA concerned shall be required while distributing benefit.
  22. The central scheme will be given directly to the beneficiaries without prejudice.
  23. Every year there shall have Nagarik Adhikar Mahina to distribute the benefit to the beneficiaries.
  24. Right to live and earn Policy; if there is not a single member in the family to work then there shall have Temporary Financial Assistance to family every year and a source of earning shall be made to them as early as possible by the government.
  25. Senior citizen deserves our respect adoration and gratitude for their exemplary sincerity, hard work and social values. It would be shameful act from us, I f we leave them insecure after so much they have done for uplifting the society. For senior citizens who did not have government jobs, there shall have the legislation on OLD-Age Security and Pension to help them do away with uncertainties and insecurities .They shall have good pension based on inflation index and other parameters. There shall have greater medical securities to them.
  26. An institute / centre shall be established to utilize the vast knowledge of highly experienced and retired employees for development of the state.
  27. Schools institutes of higher learning and Hostels for Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Casts shall be developed and strengthened.
  28. ICDS shall be upgraded with all modern facilities.
  29. There shall have pension scheme and welfare fund differently – able and vulnerable persons, Artists, Social Workers and Reformers, etc.
  30. All the allowances and honorarium shall be revised and increased.
  31. Honorarium shall be provided to notable social workers.
  32. There shall have Satte Awards for Senior Citizens programs/
  33. Free water and electricity shall be provided o al residential houses.
  34. There shall have compensation for children of working mothers (including single mother)In the age group of 0-6 years to proved day care facilities.
  35. Infrastructures such as learning centre, parks, and recreation centre shall be developed at all Block Levels.
  36. Tele-machines and Tele-Homecare centre shall be established and promoted.
  37. There shall have awareness programs on human trafficking, legal system and services, constitution of India, policies and acts, vote-my-right: voting is secret, health, education, preventing and responding sexual literacy (financial, financial inclusion), environment, etc., to all citizens.
  38. Disability Rehabilitation Centre shall be upgraded with all sophisticated facilities.
  39. There shall have initiatives to reduce poverty and increase economic opportunities for the disadvantages,
  40. Nurturing children is what the infant’s brain excepts and depends upon for healthy development .First three years in a child’s life from pregnancy to age 3 years , are a period of enhanced susceptibility to environmental influences, laying the foundation for health ,well being , learning and productivity throughout the life course and into the next generation .There shall have Mission Nurturing Children up to 6 years of age to keep them safe, healthy and well nourished, pay attention and respond to their needs and interests, encourage them to explore and provide them with opportunities to learn.
  41. There s hall have Commission for Child Care.
  42. 45days of paternity leave shall be granted to the father of one child and 90 days of paternity leave to the father of two children.
  43. There shall have Policy on Children’s Caring System.
  44. Child caring Organizing shall be promoted and strengthened.
  45. Parents shall be granted the partial care leave.
  46. Free nutritious food shall be provided to children.
  47. Children Care Centres shall be established n all-sub-divisional areas.
  48. Child expecting mothers shall avails maternity leave at least seven weeks before the expected date.
  49. Government data shall be unlocked to drive solutions to social problems.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.