Revolution Vision

Revolutionary party to a more Governing Party

  1. Sikkim is completely a hilly terrain state wherein majority of democratically immature population (approx.0.65million) are settled in rural areas. The state shows slope ranges from 10% to 80% falls in a high risk seismic zone IV of the Indian Seismic Zone Map and strategically bound s in border with China –occupied Tibet in the north and north-east side ,Nepal in the west and Gorkhaland area under Darjeeling & Kalimpong districts of West Bengal state. Sikkim is naturally and geologically different from other state of India. Cost of living and hardship being faced by the rural populous are nearly double then that of India’s Capital .Therefore , for sikkim requires different policies and programs then that of the plain areas in the central government for meaningful development and growth of the state , and to acquire the quality of life. Keeping the above in views sikkim shall be recognised as a hill state in India .
  2. Sikkim shall have no fraud is good and corruption is valued culture that have dominated the present day politics , instead the cult of honesty is wealth and hard work is success shall be promoted in sikkim .
  3. VIP culture shall be wiped off in the democratically elected Government . VIP free sikkim shall be the will of the citizens .
  4. Unnecessary expenditure of the elected and nominated representatives shall be reduced .
  5. Performance of each minister , MLA s and chairpersons shall be reviewed periodically for their accountability .
  6. Our Government shall supervise and monitor the chief Secretary , Additional Chief Secretary , Head s of the Department s and District Collector in monthly basis .
  7. The chief secretary, Additional Chief Secretary, Head of the Department s and the District Collectors shall report on monthly basis to the group of Ministers headed by the Chief Minister using power point presentation .
  8. They shall have public debates /hearing before enacting the contentious laws .
  9. Our Government shall be of public centric , Results oriented and of the Pyramid model .
  10. Our Government shall adopt the concept of less Government, More governance e, Relentless expansion of government reduces the liberty and goes more power to the special interest group. There shall be more governance e for more services to the people.
  11. Our Government shall provide more power to the people , decentralisation of power shall reach at Gram Panchayat Unit level in principle .
  12. Our Government shall act as a facilitating and monitoring democratic institution or power .
  13. Our Government shall strengthen society and the human relationships based on the philosophy of pluralism and solidarism (inclusive society)
  14. They shall be autonomy in all the democratic institutions.
  15. Thinking mindset of people and their character shall be changed .Creation of healthy ecosystem for new thoughts, Ideas, knowledge and innovation shall be given priority.
  16. They shall have the direct peoples democracy in decision making process , Referendum system shall be implemented whenever required .
  17. Our Government shall not pursue abortive efforts of the present regime.
  18. Feudalism in any form , either traditional or neo feudalism shall be demolished .


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.