Media Vision

Effective Media, Conscious Society

  1. Media has been considered as the fourth pillar in democracy to make democracy stronger. The media has now enormous influence in shaping public mind-set and their views. Media also plays a vital role in promoting to take action on various policies and public demands by the government. To make media effective means of Communication for the benefits of the citizens, media shall be promoted and strengthened in Sikkim.
  2. Media shall be promoted and strengthened and recognized as independent watchdog of Constitution, Laws, Governance and Democracy.
  3. There shall have Media Policy to bring Necessary reforms in media to guarantee freedom of expression to all citizens and enable journalists to independently discharge their duties.
  4. There shall have Social Media Policy and Social Media Guidelines to all the government employees.
  5. There shall have Policy on Access to Information to the citizens.
  6. All the existing draconian laws that have become impediment to the full realization of freedom of expression shall be repealed.
  7. Citizen Media shall be established and promoted.
  8. Sikkim Press shall be merged with the IPR Department and it shall be upgraded with all modern facilities and cutting-edge technologies.
  9. Gangtok Doordarshan Kendra shall be made operational and upgraded with latest technological inputs for the benefits of the citizens.
  10. Live Telecast of Assembly Session shall be reported to benefit the citizens of Sikkim.
  11. Cable Television with community channels shall be opened to others.
  12. Social media shall be used to communicate and update about the activities of government and the public authorities.
  13. Two Acres of Land shall be provided to Press Club of Sikkim to construct its High-Tech Media House campus in Gangtok.
  14. Funds to establish and develop all the necessary infrastructures and facilities for Media House campus shall be provided to Press Club of Sikkim.
  15. Communication and Media Library shall be established at Media House.
  16. There shall have no discrepancies in awarding government advertisements to different media operating within the state.
  17. All the required facilities, concessions, incentives, honorariums and other supports shall be provided to journalists.
  18. Awards up to Rs. 10 lac shall be provided to journalists, reporters, and magazine editors every year.
  19. Financial support and incentives shall be provided to all types of magazine publishers of Sikkim.
  20. Media persons shall be encouraged to communicate the burning issues and problems of village people sourcing primary data and other evidences.
  21. Investigate journalism shall be promoted and strengthened to bring accountability and transparency in governance in the state.
  22. Regular education and awareness programs shall be conducted in all villages of Sikkim.
  23. There shall have Scholarship Program for mass media and journalism.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.