Infrastructure Vision

Quality infrastructure, reducing expenditure

  1. Infrastructure plays a vital role in strengthening economic welfare of a nation and state. Good quality infrastructure provides engine for economic growth, Can raise productivity and helps in reducing expenditure. Economists consider good quality infrastructure as the “economic arteries and veins“. However, mere constructing more infrastructures without real purpose will not translate into higher economic growth in the long term growth which means that there should be the right kind of infra structure that increase production potential and create new economic activities that last long. The infrastructure includes all the physical assets, roads, transport, generation of energy and its distribution, waste, management, water supply, communication, buildings and housing, Schools, hospitals, etc. There shall have a comprehensive policy for good quality infrastructure for Sikkim.
  2. Infrastructure development board shall be established to developed good quality infrastructure comparable with the national and international models.
  3. Infrastructures shall be valued as the asset and wealth for the commons and they shall be maintained and improved.
  4. A separate directorate shall be created for the application of technology, data allocation, evaluation and preparing documents on maintaining and improving infrastructure.
  5. There shall have mission dust free roads for Sikkim.
  6. There shall have environmentally compatible and climate resilient core infrastructure including board Roads.
  7. The entire existing public infrastructure shall be strengthen and improved.
  8. There shall have quality monitoring expert committee under the AEGIS of the Chief Minister.
  9. Training modules on rural roads maintenance, water supply, pipelines and tanks, public buildings and other structures shall be prepared for field engineers and staffs.
  10. Testing and analysis centres shall be established to ensure the quality of all types of construction materials to be used.
  11. Adequate modern testing tools and equipments shall be provided to the department concerned.
  12. Construction and inspection of any structure shall be done collaterally to ensure the quality in work.
  13. There shall have regulations and guidelines for quality assurance end standardization in any kind of construction.
  14. The existing roads and bridges shall be improved and upgraded to meet the minimum quality and standards. Road carpeting shall be done as per new technology.
  15. Maintenance of all the state highways and village roads, buildings and other structures shall be given to the locals.
  16. There shall have construction of double lane ring roads in the municipal area and the link roads to connect the ring roads to the town.
  17. Construction of flyovers and underground roads and passes in the municipal areas.
  18. All the existing roads across the state shall be modernized to meet the minimum standards and to ensure that the road shall remain functional round the year.
  19. All the roads shall be converted into tourist spots by planting rare, endangered, ornamental species, fruit species, etc. to enhance their aesthetic value.
  20. There shall have landslide prevention and mitigation action plans.
  21. Established engineering technologies and innovative designs shall be used to fix landslides stabilizing slopes and erosion control.
  22. Modern technologies shall be used to monitor landslides.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.