Governance Vision


  1. In democracy , governance cannot be confined to holding election., enacting laws and distributing items to the un privileged citiz4ns .In the name of welfare scheme today democracy is much more than that of two decades, three decades before pour Government shall have inclusive democracy(political democracy, social democracy, economic democracy and ecological democracy) in Sikkim,
  2. Our government shall give ears to the voiceless subjugated and under privileged citizen .There shall have the government “of the people, by the people , for the people and with the people “
  3. There shall have the committed government to give a participatory accountable, transparent and efficient pro people government to the much deserving but the deprived people of Sikkim. Governance is a decision making process which shall be open and respective to suggestions and ideas .More people and stakeholders and views and interest of the minorities shall be taken into account in decision making process.
  4. There shall have completely inclusive governance (comprehensive governance , participatory governance , multi level governance, responsive governance , transparent governance combined will off the people with the challenge of Sikkim ‘inclusive Sikkim: etc ‘)
  5. Our Government shall govern not rule .The Government shall work with its heart and soul for overall development and progress of Sikkim and sikkimese.
  6. There shall have the government as per the rule of the law in practice for protections of the citizen of Sikkim. Policies and practices shall be in compliance with the establish rules and regulations.
  7. Transparency in each and every programs and schemes of the government shall be insured including in utilisation of natural resources .Information shall be provided in easily understandable forms and media.
  8. Our Government shall make consultation to understand the different interest of the citizen of Sikkim for achieving their goals in a sustainable and prudent manner.
  9. There shall have the government for equity and inclusiveness to prove opportunity to all the citizen of Sikkim for maintaining, enhancing or improving their well being and value to the society.
  10. There shall have the government for effectiveness and efficiency to meet the need of the citizen of Sikkim using the best human technological, financial, natural and environmental at its deposal.
  11. Citizens of Sikkim shall not be affected by decision and actions of our government, there shall have accountability in policies and program of the government.
  12. There shall have the equal participations by both man and women in governance.
  13. Bureaucracy shall be recognised and Buddycracy, there shall have no gap between people and the administration by making the administrators more public friendly and by increasing their accessibility. Further, bureaucrats shall be given liberty to implement programs without political interference and their suggestions and initiatives shall be highly welcomed. Bureaucrats shall be the real drivers (leaders) of the economic growth and state’s welfare
  14. Our Government wants entire sikkimese to prosper, not just the party affiliated to the ruling because it believes in how can we be happy when someone our won is suffering? Our Government shall be for all the irrespective of the political affiliations, cast, creed and religion; the party –based distribution of welfare schemes shall be discontinued.
  15. Unwarranted post shall be restructured in all the departments.
  16. Safe guarding human rights shall be given top priorities.
  17. Citizens shall not be punished for speaking up for their rights.
  18. Various programs under Gaon Bazaar abhiyans shall be launched for the citizen in all 6 districts.
  19. There shall have youths shiver periodically to address the issue and the problems of the youths.
  20. There shall have MISSION NARISHASHAKTIKARAN to address the pressing issues and problems of women.
  21. Nar BAHADUR Bhandari, the 3rd Chief Minister of Sikkim shall be declared as father of modern architect of Sikkim. STATE’S GOOD GOVERNANCE DAY shall be celebrated in his name on his birthday (5th October) every year.
  22. Sahid Park shall be established to the martyr of soldiers of Sikkim origin.
  23. JAHA BAGCHA TEESTA RANGIT by Lt. Jiwan Theeng shall be declared as a state song.
  24. The elected legislatures shall spend 15days in a month to their respective Constituencies
  25. The Panchayats shall be liberated from political affiliation with adequate man power to make them effective and efficient in functioning at the local level governance.
  26. There shall have the separate urban and rural development plans, and the budget allocations shall be done as per the needs and requirement of the development plans.
  27. There shall have the data-driven policies and programs to reduce the barriers, dependency and to improve economic growth and public integrity and trust.
  28. Sustainable development shall be promoted and strengthened in Sikkim.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.