Employment Vision

Lowering Unemployment, Expanding Income

  1. For the last decade , the un0-empployment rate has been rapidly increasing due to lack of scopes , avenues and opportunities in the state./ The bad policies of the incumbent regime have lead the ones productive popular mass to became the must unproductive begins in life. Today, Sikkim tops in unemployment rate in India. However, in reality, the cost of unemployment is huge. It is reported that unemployment increases loss of income for unemployed, less tax revenue and high Government borrowing, loss of human capital, inefficient use of resources, social problems, alienations etc. Sikkim should no longer bear such cost of unemployment. Our government shall have Sikkim unemployment policy to address the issues and problems of unemployment and to create opportunities for unemployment in the state.
  2. There shall have Mission Unemployment Free Sikkim
  3. Our government shall create an effective man power planning and employment cell under DOP for employment generation and monitoring.
  4. Right to state employment Act shall be enacted to guarantee employment to the youths.
  5. There shall have One Family One Regular Job Schemes of the citizens of Sikkim.
  6. a MINIMUM SALARY OF Rs. 20,000/- per month shall be provided to employees of Private Companies.
  7. Our government shall fix annual short and midterm targets for job creation, more placements and [plan long-term sustainable targets] employment .New 30,000 regular Government jobs shall be created to the educated youths of Sikkim in different departments and public undertakings within 5 years period.
  8. Regular job shall be provided to middle winners in accredited national and international games.
  9. Service extension and reemployment shall be completely stopped except on rare cases on public interest.
  10. The employment ration of 90: 10 (Sikkimese: non Sikkimese) as per the MOU with companies hall be strictly implemented to provide jobs to the youths of Sikkim.
  11. There shall have unemployment insurance etc. the unemployed youths.
  12. There shall have youth unemployment allowances.
  13. MGNREGA shall be implemented for exactly 100 manual days.
  14. Multi-skilled Development Institutes shall be established.
  15. Livelihood business incubator shall be established.
  16. More emphasis shall be given to development of productive human capital and capacity development training.
  17. Public funded manufacturing units shall be established to reduce unemployment.
  18. Cottage Industries, Agro-processing Industries and Food Processing Industries shall be developed and strengthened.
  19. SIMFED, STCS, Denzong co-operative society and other cooperative society shall be revolutionizing for job creation.
  20. There shall have Sikkim start-up Schemes for bringing about innovation in business sector.
  21. Youth apprenticeship system shall be developed and promoted.
  22. Interest free loans shall be provided to educated youths of Sikkim to start entrepreneurship, job seeking, set up enterprises, procure research materials, research, higher studies in abroad, etc.
  23. Employment cell be established at GPU level with facilities such as internet, E-library, video conference, career counsellor etc.
  24. Career counselling shall be established at Sr. Secondary Schools, Colleges and university.
  25. Common facility centre (CFC) shall be established to ensure the livelihood opportunities.
  26. Job oriented capacity building training shall be provided of the unemployed youths.
  27. Training on Traditional Healing practices shall be imparted to the youths to promote healing Tourism.
  28. One local tourist guide shall be attached to each tourist vehicle through legislation. The local unemployed youths shall be trained as tourist guide on local flora, fauna, traditional food, arts and culture.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.