Democracy Vision

Greater participation, Stronger democracy

  1. As of today, voters are considered to be the machine of votes and silence spectators. After they elected their representatives, they are forced to obey the order of the party chief or party whip. Their will is of no value .Our Government shall have a larger and more diverse range of members involved in decision making processes.
  2. In Democracy ignorant and the poor voters are always susceptible to get influenced specially by the ruling elites that hinders for bringing about change they want to see. Our Government shall have policies and programs to provide skills to ignorant and poor voters to make them informed citizens so that they can make meaning full political decision.
  3. Public participation shall be made essential in reforming the level of politics.
  4. Online voter registration shall be made easily available to the citizens using technological application for greater participation.
  5. Citizens shall be empowered to pressurize political parties through petitions , publically and protest.
  6. Our Government shall notify sites in the prime location in all urban areas to hold meeting of small and medium size and for staging dharnas , protest , raising voices against the Government, Pasting poster and banner , display of dissent against the authorities etc.
  7. Our Government shall allow all common citizens , civil societies , public voice groups , pressure groups and movements along with media to play the role in forcing the political parties , Government and democratic institutions to bring reforms.
  8. Citizens shall be at liberty in joining political party to contribute towards the betterment s in nature of politics.
  9. Our Government shall enact laws to allow academicians of UGC recognized village and Universities and the Scientist of Central and State funded research and development institutions to contest elections from any political party.
  10. Our Government shall strengthen peoples movements, social organizations and other NGO having a strong democratic base in them. They shall act as a watch dog over the state machineries , apparatus and monitor the government affairs for promoting equality , freedom , liberty , justice ,diversity ,etc.
  11. Our Government shall improve and strengthen the representative democracy with equity in political disputes that crop up in the institutions.
  12. Technological applications shall be used for better communication between civil society and government.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.