Press Release against false allegations

Press Release by Jacob Khaling, Political Secretary to Chief Minister of Sikkim

On 16th March 2022

It is pity to see the opposition falling short to raise real issues against the present SKM government and hence are compelled to raise irrelevant issues or level false allegations against SKM government. There are many instances to support my claim but let me concentrate on the latest issue being raised by the SDF which is regarding the auction notice of state government securities issued by RBI.

Frankly, the auction of state government securities by RBI is a regular practice done by RBI periodically and the same is done for all the Indian states from time and again. But for an illiterate party like SDF, the auction notice has become a rallying point to take on the present government by levelling baseless allegations with the only intent to mislead the public of Sikkim for their political gain.

The SDF party in its social media post writes, “to sell the securities of state government in auction is unbelievable and reflects irresponsible governance.” It further states, “if the press reporting is true then it is a sad day for Sikkim.” Similarly, SDF functionary and former MLA Dr Mechung Bhutia also raised the same issue in his social media page wherein he stated that such auction notices are issued when the state treasury becomes empty and further questioned as to how the state treasury is empty and blamed the SKM government for it.

Now what we find surprising is that similar auctions were notified by RBI on October 21, 2016, November 1, 2018, January 7, 2019 and March 15, 2019 which was during the SDF government’s last tenure. (Annextures attached)

Now if we are to believe in Dr Mechung’s statement that such auctions take place only if the state treasury is empty, then the fact remains that SKM government had inherited an empty treasury as similar auctions had taken place not once but for four times during the SDF government’s last and final tenure as mentioned above. So any literate and sensible person would understand that a government which inherited an empty treasury cannot bring the state’s economy back in a mere span of three years most of which has been affected by the pandemic. According to Dr Mechung, it proves that the said auction is a result of 25 years of SDF misrule, bad governance and massive corruption involved during the SDF regimen.

Therefore a party that has ruined the state’s economy and emptied its treasury has no moral standing to question the present government in any circumstances. This also proves that illeterates in SDF have nothing to oppose and they are incapable of defending themselves against the SKM government and therefore time and again they keep levelling false allegations like the one mentioned above.

It is also mandatory to understand that a layman, unknown to the intricacies of governance can misunderstand the auction notice and take it otherwise but how can a party that has governed the state for 25 long years and had issued several such auction notices during their tenure pretend of remaining unknown to such financial trading by RBI and blame SKM government of selling away the state to outsiders. This is outright hypocrisy and proves that illeterate SDF has nothing much to talk against the SKM government and therefore time and again they keep levelling false allegations like the one mentioned above.

Jacob Khaling
Spokesperson SKM cum Political Secretary to HCM,
Sikkim Krantikari Morcha.