Village Vision

Productive village, prosperous state

  1. Since ages, village in the south Asian counties like India, Nepal, Bhutan, etc. Has been the soul of the county or State. It not only place an important role in contributing states economy, but it protect, preserve and conserves the foundation of cultures and civilization .Before the present regime came into existence in 1994, each family in the village used to have productive members. In fact, Sikkim used to be a self-reliant state .However, today, it is just opposite: Sikkim has become a beggar state. It is quite difficult to get a productive village in Sikkim because of bad policies of the present regime. Here is no production as such from villages to feed the ever –increasing population of the state. The population of state is compelled to depend on outside supply of all materials from birth to death. Majority of grassroots are restricted to daily bread and butter condition. How can Sikkim prosper keeping village people the most unproductive segment in the society? In order to regenerate the village life, our government shall formulate village development policy for making Sikkim productive and prosperous state.
  2. There shall have legislation on village protection Acts.
  3. There shall required a change in the framework, curricular, programme and plans to transformed village of sikkim from consumers to producers and transformed from importers to exporters, and transformed from unemployed state to productive state.
  4. A roadmap shall be developed to identify development gaps and investment opportunity in villages.
  5. Each Gram Panchayat unit shall be provided with good health facility, quality education, uninterrupted electricity supply, regular potable water supply, irrigation facility, banking facility, travelling facility veterinary facility and livelihood. IT facility and other vital services.
  6. Fields like agricultures, Horticultures, Floricultures, Cottage Industries, Small scale manufacturing units and enterprises, transportations, logistics, services and other vitals fields shall be promoted and strengthened
  7. Farming paddy and crash crop items like ginger, orange, large cardamom, pulses, beans shall be revitalized with the application of science and technological tools.
  8. Ayurvedic, traditional and Tibetan herbal resources shall have value additional schemes.
  9. Value addition of milk products, fruits (both wild and domesticated), fermented foods, etc. shall be promoted and strengthened.
  10. There shall have establishment of toys making units woollen manufacturing units, jewellery making units etc.
  11. There shall have establishment of handlooms and handicrafts cluster in each GPU for livelihood.
  12. Traditional unit of all ethnic units, traditional farming, traditional art and culture for conservation and promotion of village tourism etc shall be promoted and strengthened.
  13. There shall have establishment of rural market with all modern facilities such as, cold storage, e-marketing facilities, grading units, etc.for marketing of village produce. Surplus produce shall be picked up from the famer at competitive price and taken to the vendor at market and other places.
  14. Dairy shall be promoted and strengthened to industrial scale.
  15. All villages shall be provided with hi-speed WIFI Internet Service.
  16. There shall have smart Village scheme with all facilities like modern library, cyber services, playground, sports and gymnasium building and structure, community hall for music and arts, etc.
  17. There shall have Science and technology –based Village Development Program.
  18. There shall have mission Micro-Power Generation.
  19. There shall have Mission Solar Power Generation.
  20. There shall have Mission Beauty Product to sell online.
  21. There shall have start-up village program for entrepreneurship.
  22. There shall have establishment of village development authorities.
  23. Incubator for entrepreneurs shall be established.
  24. There shall have rural development program.
  25. There shall have legislation for providing interest free loan for implementation of micro, small and medium projects for village people from state Bank of Sikkim.
  26. There shall have local development fund for loans and project.
  27. There shall have 25% subsidy to own vehicles/car to below Poverty Line (BPL) families from STATE Bank of Sikkim.
  28. 300-500 jobs shall be created annually at each GPU.
  29. Productive Index shall be prepared periodically for each GPU.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.