Urban Vision

Modernizing urban, advancing life

  1. Urbanization is a social process by which an area is converted into urban by means of economic development and industrialization. Demographically, urbanization is defined as the process of redistribution of population from rural to urban settlements over time urban population lives in larger, dense and more heterogonous environment globally, urban centres are considered as the manifestation of the cultural, economic and social acceleration in the history of human civilization. The trend of setting of more habitats in the urban areas is increasing rapidly in Sikkim. An essential Sikkim Urbanization Policy shall be framed to harness the dynamics of urbanization to achieve Sikkim goal – a productive and sustainable future.
  2. Urban areas are the sites of civilization, state economic, social and environmental performance .Further, design of urban areas influences social equalities, mobility, quality of life, education, competitiveness, energy efficiency, etc. Keeping the view of time driven requirements, Sikkim Urban Advisory Council shall be established to design modern urban areas in Sikkim.
  3. Urban life reflects modernization; therefore, technology is fundamentally more important than social organization in shaping urbanization. Further, innovation in urban infrastructure and technology is essential for achieving sustainable urban growth in future. Sikkim smart Urban Development Mission shall be launched to modernize the urban centres / areas in Sikkim.
  4. Satellite town shall be created for Gangtok Smart City.
  5. Gangtok city shall be made traffic free capital of India by formulating proper planning and strategy.
  6. Urban centres/ areas shall be converted into city of creation.
  7. Mission clean and green Sikkim and waste free, stink free Sikkim shall be launched.
  8. Creating more avenues, scopes and opportunities in rural areas shall reduce rural to urban migration.
  9. Towns are the centres for accumulation of innovations, progress, wealth and human culture capital. Infrastructure development and services with modern facilities shall be ion the top priority in the agenda.
  10. Effective local urban governance system shall be developed and strengthened.
  11. Capacity development shall be done to municipal authorities.
  12. Sustainable urban development program shall be developed and promoted.
  13. Crime free city shall be established in Sikkim.
  14. Mental health problems in urban areas shall be addressed.
  15. Local labour and market policy shall be formulated to strengthen the local economy.
  16. Protective educational and training policies shall be formulated for children and young population.
  17. Sun bath gardens shall be established for senior or old age citizens.
  18. Solid Waste Management shall be improved using most effective technological tools.
  19. Chief Minister’s livelihood program shall be launched for urban poor.
  20. A wider range of job opportunities hall be created in urban areas to unemployed youths.
  21. Support shall be provided for partnership and cooperation between urban actors.
  22. Solar rooftop installations program shall be encouraged and promoted in urban areas.
  23. Skilled work force shall be developed for urban services.
  24. Access to quality portable water, uninterrupted electricity supply, quality education, good health facility, efficient banking services, dust free road, high speed free WIFI and sanitation facility shall be provided for urban population.
  25. Adequate housing, free drinking water and free electricity shall be provided for urban poor.
  26. Population in any form (Air, water, noise and land) shall be brought under control.
  27. Modernize recreation centres, rehabilitation centres, community Hall, child care homes, destitute homes, etc. shall be established.
  28. Children garden and parkas shall be established in urban areas.
  29. Beautiful parks and gardens and playgrounds shall be developed.
  30. News reading places library, storytelling centre of folklore, science centre and city centre shall be established.
  31. Food parks shall be established in urban areas.
  32. Wall painting of historical and mythological story, tourist destination, legend achievers, etc. shall be encourage and promoted.
  33. Installation of Tiered fountain disappearing fountain, Wall fountain, content fountain, pond less fountain, etc. shall be done in all municipal areas.
  34. Modernization of existing vehicle parking plazas.
  35. New vehicle parking plazas and sites shall be constructed in all municipal areas.
  36. Community kitchens at subsidized rate shall be established in urban areas.
  37. 25% Subsidy to own cars shall be provided to low income group and urban poor.
  38. Drainage system of all municipal areas shall be developed properly for free flow of water during monsoon.
  39. All the discotheques karaoke casinos shall be monitored for stopping for illegal activities like Flesh trades, human trafficking etc.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.