Unity Vision


  1. Our Government shall practice humanity as the soul belief and practice in Sikkim. Service to humanity and nature shall be the supreme worship as it is not somebody else’s job rather it is everybody’s duty.
  2. There shall be the freedom from prejudice and oppression .Our Government shall pit all effort to eradicate ELITISM from society. Equality , living in unity in diversity and the moto of coming together and bringing people together shall be promoted strengthened. Policies and programs to unite sikkimese shall be created and implemented.
  3. Sikkim of bahun and chettri castes belongs to the same gene pool of nepali origin and they were once known to be the khas people. They have everything in common, like culture, belief, costumes, traditions, practices and philosophy of life with no different social hierarchy .However, the khas people were recorded bahun and chettri as separate castes due to the lack of knowledge and proper information in the historical past in Sikkim. Keeping the importance of their historical context in view our Government shall identify and recognise Sikkim of chettris and bahuns cast as khass people and notify them as khas race. Further, the identification and reorganisation of other khas people shall be done to notify them as under khas race.
  4. There shall have more united Sikkim, more powerful and productive Sikkim and a more evolving Sikkim. Our Government shall create economic equality to all citizen, ensure them equal access to opportunities and enable them to fully participate in the learning process and developed them full potential.
  5. All the citizen shall be treated fairly our government shall promote the concept of human race is one and end the racist attitude behaviours by responding to allegations of racism .The communities shall be empowered to monitor anti racism initiatives and activities and strengthen the role of democratic institution.
  6. Discriminatory barriers hall be removed for the Scheduled Cast, who have been given a very low position in the society. The socially high class elites have still managed a social distance from them .Social division of labour, stigmas and taboos  attached with the  castes ,creed ,faith and gender shall be abolished forever .The equal social right however as other high class elites have been enjoying shall be guaranteed to the underprivileged social classes to uplift hem together.
  7. There shall have policies, producers and processes for equality, equity, code of practice, dignity, respect, information services etc. To avoid discriminations.
  8. There shall have the unity in every organization and society to accomplish the common goals .Trust is at historic laws lows in Sikkim. Our Government shall restore trust in one another to bring citizen of all backgrounds together.
  9. Our party Government shall educate ,tutor ,mentor ,support and assist all struggling and ailing individual ,families , communities , students , race , ethnicities low income group . NGOs, CBOS, SHGs, clubs religious affiliations and political beliefs.
  10. The old-aged person shall be served with love and dignity.
  11. Each and every individual and ethnic group shall be empowered to understand, judge, respect. Recognized and appreciate other people’s difference, Cultures and nationalities. Our Government shall encourage tolerance to citizens of different cultural background and create inclusive.
  12. There shall have hope of transformations to make peace at all section of society. The word ‘WE’ and ‘US’ shall be promoted to use at all levels.
  13. There shall have space for citizen to show their talent and their capacity.
  14. The idea of defending our freedom, culture and civilization at home and outside Sikkim shall be promoted .All individual help address the pressing issues of society and community and cultivate the further leaders that Sikkimese societies desperately needs.
  15. Our Government shall encourage embracing service as a culture expectations and opportunities to prove who we are?
  16. Our government shall developed valuable professional and leadership skill to young Sikkimese people and they shall carry these skills with them for a life time.
  17. There shall have the strict observance to principle of sharing that gradually be the bases of justice. Compassions, freedom, common sense and vision can bring common people together with one voice to create equal society.
  18. It is said that the most powerful bonds that can unite people are not only policies but principles ;it is not money ,but joy ;it is not only emergencies ,but consistency ;ad it is not only duty ,but the unity of all good virtues that form the powerful thing is love .The core values of life shall unite Sikkimese .Citizens shall be able to distinguish between core values of life and the things that they do. The core values viz, love, dependability, reliability, loyalty, commitment, open-mindedness, consistency, honesty, efficiency, innovation, creativity, good humour, compassion, motivations, optimism, passion, respect, courage, perseverance, patriotism, environmentalism etc. shall be promoted to develop stronger human relationships in society with nature.
  19. The leaders shall not only teach how to lead people, but they also follow them .They shall influence people to accomplish the common goals of democracy.
  20. Expanding economic opportunities shall be some of the program of solving pressing issues and problem in Sikkim.
  21. The revolutions we want to bring and he change we want to see cannot be based on the ideologies and beliefs, but also on the reorganization of attributes of the heart combined with the reason. There shall have the reorganization of the attributes of heart fused with reason.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.