Society Vision


  1. Disciplined forms a core cultural value to ensure smooth functioning of the social system. Discipline plays a important in the manifestations of one’s thought, action, behaviour, attitude etc. Those have strong connections with the level of civilisation and culture of our society. We cannot expect of discipline leaders, teachers .parents, children etc. within an undisciplined anarchic society .Our Government shall put effort to have population of the accomplished employees, good workers, students, loyal soldiers, reformed criminals and committed citizen.
  2. It is said that disciplined is a foundation for understanding consequences and establishing lasting personality traits .It builds self confidence and mental and corporeal strength and inspires individual to grow as quality human being .With discipline life, individual acquire the ability to enjoy life in a more deeper and meaningful ways .Further, nations or state cannot progress feeding the law-violating indiscipline citizen. Without discipline, there would be no real growth, no development, no achievement, no thought, no creativity, no innovation, etc. Therefore, discipline shall be one of the pillar for achieving the cherished democracy and progressive civilization in our Government.
  3. Citizen shall be cherished social customs and practices, marriage, festival, economic, politics, governance, freedom, liberty, democracy and modernity and a host of other thing.
  4. Our Government shall protect and practice the ageless ideals; morality in personal and public life shall be made meaningful; honestly shall not be counted as foolishness rather it will have a worthy sense; and the self-interest shall be replace with the self-retrained philosophy.
  5. Societies shall be guided by the electric mix of experienced social workers .Aristocrats (if any), educationist, academicians, cultured and educated youth, intellectual, teachers, literary persons, sports persons, agriculturist, actors, etc but surely not by the immoral and ethically wrong person, indiscipline person etc.
  6. There shall have reformist humane and enlightened discourses that respond to the needs of the times to transform individual into able –bodied citizen.
  7. The law shall not only be the means of serving severe and trivial punishment for crimes (as per law), but it shall also be the lesson of teaching about mercy and universal sense of order in human life.
  8. There shall have the programs and activities to all sections of the society to have good understanding about disciplines of nature that help establish life in good order .
  9. It is an obvious fact that society continues to exist under certain condition. All must learn and carry on the processes and he rules of the society and respect the values of society. There shall have discipline in societal behaviour help, cooperate and regulate each other become mature .Our Government shall have programs for art of loving society in Sikkim.
  10. All citizens shall respect and obey the laws to establish civilized society in the state.
  11. Socrates said ‘self discipline is necessary to make the other virtue avail ’Charles Darwin said ‘the highest stage in moral culture at which we can arrive is when we recognise that ought to control our thought’ .His holiness Dalai says ‘self –discipline although difficult while combating negative emotion should be a defensive measure’. It is said that the ‘true civilization may be measured by the extent of these land obedience to the un-enforceable “Therefore, self-discipline shall be taught at all the level of society so as to be capable of great things.
  12. Discipline is necessary to our daily life .It is also a pillar for founding legacy in the family. It is necessary not only for benefiting health, but it is equally important for producing good quality human resources in the society. There shall have the time divine policies and programs on self –discipline, family discipline, parental discipline, home discipline, school discipline, official discipline, industry discipline, worker discipline, departmental discipline etc.
  13. Discipline is a kind of training that help develop one’s moral character and produce good behaviour .It is us to achieve goals and ensure liberty to us. Without discipline in life we cannot work smoothly .There shall have a comprehensive framework of regulations on discipline covering nearly all aspect of individual’s life.
  14. Discipline also means about freedom and happiness .It teaches us how to control our thoughts and visualise emotion and mood. Further, quality of life depend s on quality of human beings resides in given society .Quality food and good environment help the living organism grow faster, attain next order of life within the given time frame (age) .Love and compassion help all to provide services to humanity .Citizen of all sections of society shall have the dignity of life and quality of being humans.
  15. Sikkim state shall be a) disciplinary power which penetrates soul and mind of citizen .Disciplinary power transforms them and produce positive effects, which turn as all into self managing citizen. State power and apparatus shall be enlightened to produce the disciplinary society (family, school, hospital, administrations, Panchayats, etc.)
  16. There shall have the rules and regulation for self discipline to all elected representatives, nominated persons, bureaucrats, technocrats and all type of employees.
  17. The impoverished, unhealthy, rebellious and criminal population created under the presented regimes economic shall be policed.
  18. There shall have the self discipline ruling elites and no displacement of moral economy (economy of goodness, fairness and justice) of a family shall be allowed.
  19. There shall have no dishonest appropriations of property by the elected representatives, nominated persons and the beaurocrats of government or employees.
  20. There shall have strategies of power designed to minimise the cost of power. Rational discipline (disciple based on agreeable to reason) shall be strengthened through scientific management.
  21. There shall have strategies on corporeal discipline in all democratic institutions like hospitals, administrations, schools etc.
  22. There shall have the laws and guidelines for industrial and worker discipline,
  23. Family value shall be fundamentally important to all citizen .HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY, the trust shall be earned at level of society. There shall have clear action plans to promote good habits and eliminate bad habits in life to those individuals who have abandoned their life.
  24. Our government shall discover how to train the brain of our people to think differently, mental muscles building exercises for young mind s, effective and productive parenting habits etc.
  25. Society shall be warm, kind and friendly .Social disciplining shall overtake indiscipline society.
  26. The role of intellectual movement shall be strengthened to create discipline society.
  27. Society shall be trained to make Sikkim a reason of state so that social foundation becomes strong .There shall have the strict supervision over al sections of society to achieve structured society ,However, this does not means a means o creating prison model of society .We shall destroy the present prison model of society.
  28. There shall have discipline to all producers and consumers.
  29. There shall have Mission Model Society and mission Strengthening Civil Society organisations to shape future Sikkim.
  30. Citizens of all sections of society should know about discipline in life .there shall have the general public opinions to command or forbid some acts.
  31. Discipline of law shall be man’s defence against t he injustice or unjust actions of other persons. There shall have rules that are fair and cover all types of subjects and agreed upon so that people can work and play together.
  32. There shall have public programmes for understanding individual’s duty and responsibility.
  33. Society shall be involved in creative events and greater variety of activities so that they can have fun, etc,


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.