Empowerment Vision

Empowering women and youth, lasting opportunities

  1. Women and youth are indispensable asset to the society. Successive generation of progressive and productive women and youth not only create a health and prosperous society but also leave a positive legacy that would ultimately contribute to the establishment of great civilization Thus, the highest priority shall be provided to the women and youth and leave no stone unturned in supporting their growth  and development.
  2. Our government shall formulate women and youth development policy to create ample of opportunities for them and ensure that no women and youth live a life of uncertainty.
  3. The women shall have 50% contractual and supply works.
  4. There shall have women development board.
  5. There shall have a strong legislation/ amendment to provide the rights and privilege to the daughter of Sikkim married to non-sikkimese.
  6. The main goal of our government shall be to make each and every women and youth independent and economically sound enough to achieve their dreams.
  7. Self reliance brings self-respect. There shall have policies and programs that reduce the dependency of people on government.
  8. There shall have state mission for empowerment of women (SMEW) to strengthened and promote all round development of women.
  9. As many as women and youth oriented program and schemes hall be launched.
  10. It is a bitter truth that large number to four youth are either delaying their marriage or remaining single because they cannot afford to settle down .We are pragmatic and mature enough to understand that this trend would bring a serious threat to our demography, culture and future generations. There shall have social engineering polices to ensure the youths to have enough resources to settle down and start family at appropriate time to keep the fertility ratio of 2.0 , at least.
  11. The unemployment allowance shall be provided to each an very unemployed youth from the age o f21 who is still struggling to find a job .
  12. Companies shall trained dour locals and engage them to the skilled workers .
  13. Social enterprise is a dynamic and ethical and sustainable way of doing business .Social enterprises are innovative, independent business that exist to deliver a specific and environmental mission. Three shall have mission Social Enterprise.
  14. There shall have a Strong Co-Operative Movement in the state. The multi-purpose co-operative society shall be strengthened and developed.
  15. Online market place shall be encouraged to all citizens to sell their homemade and handmade products.
  16. Online marketing platform shall be provided to support women entrepreneurs and Self Help Group.
  17. Finance’ (interest free loan) shall be provided to the organisations to the individuals who are willing to start their own enterprise.
  18. Sikkim Handloom brand shall be promoted and strengthened.
  19. There shall have Sikkim Entrepreneurship Award to the entrepreneurs.
  20. There shall have Sikkim Youth Scheme to all Youths.
  21. There shall have Sikkim Program for development and innovation for the educated women and youths.
  22. There shall have refinance to non-profit works by any registered community based organisations, NGOs, clubs, religious organisation and other societies.
  23. Focus shall be made on Developing products and services to institutionalized Social Welfare Entrepreneur.
  24. There shall have government NGO partnership portal to facilitate vos/NGos for availing grants from government.
  25. State Women’s Day shall be celebrated in the name of Shrimati. Helen Lepcha (Sabitri Devi) on 25TH August (Balidan Diwas).There shall have award program in the name of Smt. Helen Lepcha (Sabitri Devi), a freedom fighter of India from Sikkim .The award shall be given to the most progressive women of the year.
  26. Gender equality shall be maintained in all the government benefits, job policy making, etc.
  27. There shall have multi-skilled development institute to prove training and employment program for women.
  28. Women hostels shall be constructed with all modern facilities in all districts for working women.
  29. There shall have Regular Awareness Program on Female Rights at each GPU level.
  30. Better health and sanitation benefit and facilities shall be provided to women.
  31. There shall have proper law and order enforcement for the security of women.
  32. There shall have Maternity benefit scheme meant for pregnant women and lactating mothers.


All our policies and programs of action shall be based on the key principles that Sikkimese shall govern to make their state as they want to see and secure generations .We the SKM party, have envisaged the many salient policies , plans and programs for making New Sikkim.